GIT worktree

1. Fetch origin and tags git fetch --tags git fetch origin 2. Add work tree git worktree add -b <remote branch name> ../<new folder> origin/<remote branch name>
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Backup freeotp

Setup android-tools on Fedora 25 Install Android tools sudo dnf install android-tools Setup udev rules sudo cp /usr/share/doc/android- /etc/ Enable and Start adb sudo systemctl enable adb sudo systemctl start…
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Setup RPM Build ENV

Install required packages sudo yum install rpm-build redhat-rpm-config yum-utils Setup build environment mkdir -p ~/rpmbuild/{BUILD,RPMS,SOURCES,SPECS,SRPMS} echo '%_topdir %(echo $HOME)/rpmbuild' > ~/.rpmmacros Download src rpm and save it to ~/rpmbuild/SRPMS/ Install build…
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