CentOS 7 Installation

For CentOS 6 users it may be difficult to understand and use new CentOS 7 installer but for Fedora users it is an easy one. To ease the life of new CentOS 7 users, here are steps for minimal CentOS 7 install.

  1. Boot from DVD 01-C7-BootFromDVD

    Select Install CentOS 7 by pressing ↑ and press ↵

  2. Language Selection 02-C7-LanguageSelection

    Select your language and Click “continue”

  3. Installation Summary 03-C7-InstallationSummary

    This is the main install setup screen. We will be configuring following sections

    2. DATE & TIME
  4. Network Settings 04-C7-NetworkSetup

    I will be using DHCP, so clicking off to turn it on is enough. Static IP can be configured by clicking congfigure button. Hostname can be changed in hostname text entry box. When completed, Click “Done”

  5. Date Time Settings 05-C7-TimeZone-NTPSetup

    Select your timezone and Click “Done”

    Note:If Network time is off, this indicates that Network setup is not correct

  6. Install Destination Setup 06-C7-InstallationDestination

    Select Disks to be used for installation
    Select “I will configure partitioning.” Click “Done”

  7. Paritioning 07-C7-StandardParitioning

    Select Disks partitioning scheme Click “Click here to create them automatically”


    Click “Done”


    Click “Accept Changes”

    Click “Begin Installation”

  8. Begin install 10-C7-InstallStarted

    While installation is going on, setup root password and create a user account


  9. Setup Users 11-C7-SetupRootUser

    Enter strong password for root user

    Click “Done”



    Enter Full Name, Username, Check mark “Make this use administrator”, Enter strong password

    Click “Done”

  10. Finish Installation 13-C7-InstallationComplete

    Wait for installation to complete

    and Click “Reboot”

  11. First Boot 14-C7-FirstBoot

  12. First Login 15-C7-FirstLogin

  13. Secure the System 16-C7-YumUpdate

    When yum update completes, reboot the system